Two Weeks to UNGASS-AIDS 2008

May 28, 2008

The UNGASS-AIDS 2008 High Level Meeting in New York, on June 10-11, at the United Nations, is just about two weeks away. The international organized civil society has been acknowledged as a very important stakeholder in the reporting process to UNAIDS. No one other than Mr. Peter Piot himself, Executive Director of UNAIDS and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, has written the Foreword for the Comparative Report produced by Gestos as an outcome of the project Monitoring UNGASS-AIDS Goals on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in sixteen countries.


Here you find the updated version of the Comparative Report: comparative_diagramado (pdf)



Civil society on Sexual & Reproductive Health

May 28, 2008

After three intense months of having the second UNGASS AIDS Forum in several countries that participated in our monitoring and advocacy networking project, we finally completed the list of country reports produced by the partner organizations in each country.

But beyond having completed the reports, we have engaged an advocacy network to carry the issue of women’s and girls sexual and reproductive health beyond UNGASS-AIDS. Gender balance is the Achilles’ nerve of the HIV/AIDS epidemic growth in the world. It must be faced as such.

Sincere thanks to our partner organizations and, more specially, the people who made it happen.