UNGASS III Forum in Ukraine

September 3, 2009

On July 17th, 2009 All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS conducted the Third UNGASS Forum in Ukraine. The Forum was run in the framework of the project “Monitoring UNGASS-AIDS Goals in Sexual and Reproductive Health” supported by Gestos – Seropositivity and funded by Ford Foundation.

The main aim of the meeting was to introduce the Project to the main stakeholders and to come to agreement about cooperation in the process of conducting research; including the results into the National UNGASS report and further advocacy activities. 

 The meeting started with informing of the 2007-2008 project results, presented by Olga Gvozdetska, the Director of Program Department. Participants of the meeting discussed the results of the research, recommendations done by the research group and gave their feedback on changes happened since last year.

The 2009-2010 project goals were presented by Olga Gvozdetska and Oksana Bryzhovata, Head of Innovative Projects Unit. At the same time opportunities for incorporation of the future research results were discussed by participants of the meeting.

 By the end of the meeting the research group was created from the Forum participants. The research instruments were presented to the group, discussed and agreed upon.

It was decided to discuss the further advocacy activities later, when the research will be completed and evidence base for advocacy campaign is ready.   

A few days later the project was presented to the National Group for Monitoring and Evaluation led by Dr. Ani Shakarishvili, UNAIDS Country Coordinator in Ukraine. It was previously agreed that the research results will be included into the respective narrative sections of the National UNGASS Report with the concurrence of the National M&E Group.


I UNGASS-AIDS Forum Paraíba

September 3, 2009

On August 6th was held in Joao Pessoa, the I Forum UNGASS-AIDS Paraíba (PB), state in the Northeast of Brazil. Local managers and representatives of civil society were present discussing, for the first time, the process of monitoring the UNGASS in national, regional and local level.

As an outcome out of the event, a UNGASS/PB Working Group(WG) was created to follow the discussion on Sexual Health and Reproductive Health and on the assistance to children with HIV / AIDS in the state. The WG took also the responsibility to pressure and monitor the implementation of the state’s Integrated Plan to Fight the Feminization of the AIDS Epidemic in Brazil, still to become a reality. The first meeting of the Working Group took place yesterday when the state’s action plan was prepared.

 AIDS in PB – The reported cases of AIDS in Paraíba add up to 3.475. The data disclosed during the event also showed that the proportion of cases is two men for each woman. To the organizations that follow the cases in the state that’s a high number. According to the Health Ministry, the reality may be even scarier because many cases aren’t reported and in other ones the person doesn’t know he or she is HIV positive. Another problem is the cases in the countryside of the sate. “In the latest years we’ve been noticing the increase of reported cases in the countryside. Out of 223 cities, 167 have already reported at least one case of AIDS”, said the Forum UNGASS-AIDS Paraíba coordinator, Vítor Buriti. “The decentralization of  AIDS prevention actions and treatment is necessary so their control can be actually carried out”, added Buriti.