Nearly half the people living with HIV in the world are women. Many factors cause this situation: poverty has a greater effect on women; inequity of power between men and women; and all forms of violence which are particularly driven towards women, including pure and simply historical misogyny.

There is a great difficulty in incorporating actions specifically for women in the diverse countries National Plans against HIV/AIDS. At the same time, the initiatives in the field of sexual and reproductive health for women have not been effective in preventing HIV infection; neither they have promoted sexual and reproductive rights of women living with HIV.

Therefore, it is necessary to give visibility for civil society monitoring proposals — that shows potential and shortcomings of public policies in each country— to effectively face the feminine side of the pandemic.

This project expects to deepen the debate about the UNGASS-AIDS—United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS—2001 goals regarding sexual and reproductive health, and rights, in sixteen countries.

Monitoring the UNGASS-AIDS goals on Sexual and Reproductive Health through a south-to-south advocacy and research network including sixteen countries in five continents: Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela.


2 Responses to UNGASS AIDS Forum

  1. CEPEQUETELI says:

    Sener yeni seyler olmuyor Biden solda

    • ungassforum says:

      Could you please translate so others in the world will understand you. Thank you.


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