After one year of developing together the UNGASS AIDS Forum in several countries—where a total of 433 organizations participated—as part of the monitoring and advocacy networking project for strengthening women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, we finally completed the list of country reports produced by the partner organizations in each country. Without our partner organizations the project could not have been completed.

The result of the praxis shows the power of a collective effort that goes beyond the institutions and reaches the people who make it happen. You all know who you are.

– FEIM and Encuentro Argentino de ONG con Trabajo en VIH/SIDA in Argentina;
– Alliance Against AIDS in Belize;
– GAPA.sp in Brazil;
– AcciónGay and Vivo Positivo in Chile;
– The Naz Foundation and ActionPlus in India;
– Yayasan Kita in Indonesia;
– Chiacsok in Kenya;
– Ave de Mexico;
– Fundación Nimehuatzin in Nicaragua;
– Via Libre in Peru;
– Mosaic in South Africa;
– RaksThai Foundation in Thailand;
– Uganda Women’s Network and Uganda Network of Youth Positve;
– All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH in Ukraine;
– ASEPO and MYSU—Mujer Y Salud en Uruguay;
– ACCSI and AVESA in Venezuela. 


Thank you!




One Response to Partnership



    We are nongovernmental organization in Uganda called PENINSULAR NETWORK OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS
    needing membership.
    BOX 67

    Silvano Opio

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